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First Time Buyers Pennington County

If you’re among the first-time buyers in Pennington County looking for all the help you can get, then find what you need by coming to me. When you qualify for government assistance programs, you’ll have no down payment and low to no interest on your loan. I can also tell you about novice homeowner classes you can take to help you understand your new responsibilities.

I’ll help you understand the process with straightforward terms and a simple breakdown so that you’re no confused or worried about what’s happening. Besides the technical aspect of things, I’ll be here to help you with the most exciting parts – searching for the right home and closing your purchase! But first, tell me about your wants and needs so that we can begin the process of narrowing down the options.

All the first-time buyers in Pennington County have a wealth of options before you, despite having to select a home with price limitations due to your financial assistance. But whether it’s in Rapid City, Hill City, Box Elder, New Underwood, or elsewhere, you’ll see a wide variety of options available to you. I’m REALTOR® Stephanie Holdinghausen, and I’m here to help make one of them your first-ever home!

You’ve got a lot on your plate when buying your first home. From getting your finances in order to juggling various emotions, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Make use of my skills, tools, knowledge, and experience, as I’ll be here to protect your best interests and be your home-buying guide. Trust me to provide the high-quality services you deserve. Get in touch with me today.

  • The first-time buyers in Pennington County need look no further than me for all the help they need

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