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Free Market Analysis Rapid City

Selling your home begins with a free market analysis in Rapid City. When you start by getting a CMA, you’ll have a foundation to build your selling strategy. The results will tell you how much your home is worth and allow you to set a reasonable asking price based on its fair market value. While it’s only the first step to make to begin the process, I’ll be here to assist you until the very end.

With my keen insight into market trends, buyer behaviors, and buyer interests, I can use your CMA results to identify your target buyer audience. Buyers out there are looking for homes just like yours within a set price range, and I’ll be here to design a listing that caters to them and captivates them. They’ll fall in love and want to come for tours and make competitive offers to purchase it.

With your free market analysis in Rapid City, I’ll compare your home to similar homes in the area. I’ll use criteria such as residence type, location, age, overall structure, rooms, size, space, and more. And the comparison will include homes within the last three to six months that recently sold, those still up for sale, and how long their listings have been on the market. You can trust me to be thorough and accurate.

You can get the same precision from a formal appraiser, but it’ll cost you hundreds of dollars. And an appraiser won’t help you sell your home. You could also get a quick, easy estimate from an online value generator. But it can only offer you ballpark figures at best since it’s unable actually to inspect your home. I’m REALTOR® Stephanie Holdinghausen, and I’m here to help you sell your home. Call me today.

Advantages of the CMA: https://www.upnest.com/1/post/creating-strategic-advantages-using-a-comparative-market-analysis/

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